Oy oy oy! Klezmer in tha hoose!

Celter Schmelter live

Jen’s beloved Klezmer band, Celter Schmelter has had a wee holiday, since their band trip to Eigg in February, where they had a right giggle with a slightly new line up (Mr Fin Loening – a man with klezmer in his blood)! Happily rehearsals will soon be underway again, and the next gig is planned to be at The Sound House, the much-celebrated home of Douglas & Jane (you may have seen it in the papers? – the council is attempting to stop them having unplugged house concerts, from which they earn no income, and the musical world of Edinburgh is justly up in arms). So, if all goes well – you can hear us on Sunday 19th May. If not, it’s Oy Vey! to the council. Find Celter Schmelter on Facebook, for more info…

In the meantime, if you’re interested in hearing about the forced closure of one of the city’s last remaining ‘decent places to play’, have a look at this youtube video featuring Douglas