‘One Day’ has arrived!

Jenny Hill with acoustic guitar

“You won’t feel the same way forever, Everything can change before too long” Jenny Hill, from ‘One Day’ Songs for our times… The Vital Spark project was inspired by my namesake – Jenny Hill (born 1849). She was a wonder! Her story, told by Dr. Lola Wingrove (‘Reigniting the Vital Spark’), has some uncanny parallels … Read more

The Vital Spark

The Vital Spark - Jenny Hill

COMING SOON…!! Jen’s new project – The Vital Spark – is on the horizon. Jen is known as a bass player and a producer of large-scale projects. Her busy worklife has often precluded time to sit down to write and arrange her own music. But the composing-urge has always been there, usually squeezed into the … Read more

SoS Music ALL SING! Just around the corner…

SoS Music

Back in the day, when Jen ran Songs of Separation, she organised a couple of gigs with choirs. It was a joyous experience for the band and for the community singers, and it gave rise to an idea… What if loads of people got to sing these powerful songs, about the things that most affect … Read more

SoS Music – All Sing!

SoS Music - All Sing!

You’ll maybe remember that Jen ran a massive project a few years ago, called Songs of Separation? It was a big deal, and it unexpectedly went on to win an award at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Two of the most wonderful parts of the Songs of Separation project were when we invited The … Read more

Hope Lies Over the Border!

BBC Folk Awards Best Album kisses

It is with delight and amazement that I can report…Songs of Separation won the ‘Best Album’ category at the BBC2 Folk Awards, 2017. What a special thing! It’s not a surprise to me that people liked the album. The musicians on it are all incredibly gifted, and it just so happened that the theme really … Read more

Na Trads

Songs of Separation at the Trads

Songs of Separation had a cracking time at The Scottish Trad Awards (Na Trads). Ok, so we didn’t win ‘Best Album’ (which we were nominated for), but we did have a great band Christmas party! Everyone had a nice time and one person fell over. For me, it was the culmination of a lot of … Read more

It’s a wrap!

The Songs of Separation project is almost at its end. We have just one gig remaining – a wee two song slot at the Scottish Trad Awards on 5th December 2016. I commissioned our film maker, Ben Cormack, to make a final film for us to share with our audiences. We did filming, and I … Read more

A busy time of it…

It’s been a busy year, with the production, booking and tour management for Songs of Separation! We’ve gigged in Edinburgh, London, Dumfries, Cambridge, Cardiff, Bury, Woodchester, Dundee, Didcot and Glasgow, but not in that order. That would be a terrible tour schedule! To be honest, I didn’t ever envisage myself running a ten piece ensemble, … Read more

Songs of Separation

This is what I’ve been up to! Here’s the story… Find out more about Songs of Separation here Check out videos and singles here Find us on Facebook!


Songs of Separation SONGLINES magazine

Well, it’s been a bit busy here for a few months now. I’m up to my ears in all things ‘Songs of Separation’. SoS is a project I’ve been working on since 2013, involving ten fantastic female folkies. With Eliza Carthy, Karine Polwart, Kate Young, Mary Macmaster, Hannah Read, Hannah James, Hazel Askew, Rowan Rheingans, … Read more