SoS Music ALL SING! Just around the corner…

Back in the day, when Jen ran Songs of Separation, she organised a couple of gigs with choirs. It was a joyous experience for the band and for the community singers, and it gave rise to an idea…

What if loads of people got to sing these powerful songs, about the things that most affect us – now more than ever – in our post pandemic world? Namely, climate change, social and financial inequality, and the need to ‘find our way home’ after a difficult time.

Would it bring a sense of connection, a modality through which to consider these big topics, a ‘cushion’ for the scary things we have to now think about? Forging connection between people, encouraging conversation, positively enabling people…?

Jen’s original intention for Songs of Separation – to explore questions of ‘what separates us’ and ‘what connects us’, to ponder the depth of our shared experience in life, is echoed in this new project – ALL SING!

It is the first foray of a (potential) new entity – SoS Music – which may set out to produce projects with music that has a depth of purpose; a musical ‘SoS’ as a response to the challenges we’re facing as a species. There was certainly a lot of interest, from musicians who felt they’d benefit from the opportunity to take part, and it would be good to be able to respond to this – as these are musicians whose work supports others to harness their musicianship and creativity, providing life-enriching musical experiences.

Let’s see what happens!

In the meantime, the residential (re)treat, for 10 brilliant choir leaders who kept their show on the road and their communities connected throughout the lockdowns, will take place on the Isle of Lismore in August 2022. Check out the socials – guaranteed to make you smile!

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SoS Music – ALL SING is made possible through the support of 290 supporters on Crowdfunder and by Creative Scotland. Thank you!

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