Jenny Hill playing bass

Session work

Jenny offers good rates for session work, particularly in and around Edinburgh. She spends a lot of time in the Highlands and is happy to travel further afield in the UK – have bass, will travel!


Following the success of Songs of Separation, Jen’s keen to work with singer songwriters, to produce high quality albums in a short time-frame. She’s worked with many singer songwriters, and understands how tough it is to self-produce and self-promote. If you want support to fund, plan, rehearse, arrange and record your material, or if you just want to talk through some ideas, get in touch.


Whilst not a full time teacher, Jen has lots of experience of teaching bass and beginners piano. She is particularly keen to work with classical bassists who want to learn to ‘groove’, and self-taught bassists who want to learn to bow. She is an experienced group facilitator, particularly for drumming workshops and has worked with Tinderbox Orchestra, Drake Music Scotland and in various youth music projects.


Jen’s experience (thanks to her academic training) allows her to offer support for people who want to write for strings, for recording purposes. She has also used this to write for small string ensembles (e.g. arranging your favourite tunes for a wedding quartet).

Samba Workshops

Jen with the Edinburgh Samba School

Jen is a very experienced samba group teacher. She had a ten year grounding in the Edinburgh Samba School and during this time developed great approaches to working with young people, people who have additional support needs, and community samba groups. She is skilled, enthusiastic and fun to work with, and particularly likes to work on building groups’ confidence, tidying up and energising performance. Jen is currently has recently set up a children’s samba group in Portobello, Edinburgh.