May You Also…. have a day as special as this!

Jen, Rory Butler and Danny Thompson

Yesterday was a great day… one of those days you know you’ll never forget. Here’s the story…

For a few years now, I’ve been playing with the very talented and lovely Rory Butler. Rory is a remarkable songwriter and a beautiful guitar player – think John Martyn meets Nick Drake – dexterous picking and captivating countermelodies. For a while there, after we’d done a gig, audience members would comment on how we reminded them of John Martyn and Danny Thompson.

That got me thinking about Danny Thompson, international bass-guru (and very good bloke), one thing led to another and Danny became my professional mentor in August last year. The project, which is supported by Creative Scotland, is called ‘Bass Without Borders’, and focuses on the double bass in Scottish music, and in particular, trad music*. Along with allowing me room to play loads, expand my sound, licks and tricks, practice things that I’ve been wanting to practice forever (but never had time before!), and generally get even more upclose and personal with my double bass, it’s been a real rejuvenator for the projects I’ve been doing for a while.

To cut a fabby story short, Rory’s set was a total hit with the man himself, who went to fetch the very last guitar made for John Martyn (by Martin), and handed it to Rory to play. And I got to see ‘May You Never’ played live, with the original bass player (having a ball!) and someone who deserves to play John’s guitar. It was very special – words don’t really do it.

So, if you too want to see and hear something very special… join us at the Queens Hall, Edinburgh, this coming Saturday 8th March, to hear Rory’s and myself doing our thing. Emily Smith is headlining – prepare to be blown away! Tickets here – hope to see you!

* Interested in hearing the double bass explore new territory and textures in Scottish trad music? Check out Damian Helliwell’s Metta, download the FREE EP, and be prepared to dance round the living room!