Working with Singer Songwriters

Rory Butler and Jen Hill, Queen's Hall Edinburgh

I really do love working with good singer songwriters. It’s my all-time-favourite type of music making and there’s nothing quite like a late night session with a good lyricist, where the lines just flow from your fingers, in response to the theme and the words of the song. When the connection is just right, a bass player can come into their own, using the instrument to ‘paint pictures’ beneath the words, exploring textures and tricks which help the song unfold, bringing it to life, with power and depth. When this happens, the magic in the air is almost tangible… and this is what I live for!

I’ve been priviledged to collaborate with some great singers and songwriters, including most recently, Rory Butler (pictured above at the Queens Hall). I’m now in a really fortunate position to expand this part of my work, with access to a beautiful (and acoustically brilliant) strawbale studio on the Isle of Eigg (where I now stay when I’m not gigging or rehearsing), along with lovely accommodation, stunning scenery and sandy beaches. Fancy it? Get in touch to find out more…