Damian Helliwell’s Metta – making the band visible

The music industry has changed hugely in the last ten years. Bands now not only need to put out great albums, but also need to have a handle on the ‘visual’ element, marketing their work online, being resourceful about ‘increasing their reach’ and getting to the people most likely to love their music. Damian Helliwell’s Metta is having a good stab at this, and is now furnished with a set of exciting videos, made by Ben Cormack and Damian himself. Not satisfied with the ‘normal’ promotional route however, Damian has also used his music to back videos of his other creations, which tend to relate to green technologies… there’s even one which documents his building of a strawbale house and studio (where we live). Being based on a small hebridean island makes you learn how to ‘invent’ the things you need (usually after some internet research), and it soon became apparent that more people watch youtube videos of ‘people fixing or making stuff’ than music videos; people don’t just want entertainment any more – they’ve been saturated by it – instead people want information and knowledge. Which is exciting for us, because Metta is more than a band, and the music is created and titled to excite people about big ideas. Big, world-changing ideas. And if you want to know more about these big ideas, you’ll have to visit our website!. In the meantime, here’s a film about the making of the album, in said strawbale studio. You can catch us next at HebCelt festival, at Howlin’ Fling Festival and at the Edinburgh Festival (see ‘dates’ page).