My bass meets the queen – Victoria!

Jen's bass meets Victoira (Danny Thompson's bass)

Just back from an incredible day today…meeting Danny Thompson and his beautiful bass, Victoria, for the first time! Danny and I are working together on a project called ‘Bass Without Borders’, and over the course of a year we’ll be enjoying, exploring and experimenting with the role of the double bass in Scottish Traditional music. It’s an instrument that isn’t part of the traditional line up, and sometimes gets stuck doing the I-V-I-V thing…but there’s so much more it can do! Today we played about with some fantastic new trad tunes, penned by the composer Damian Helliwell (who is, himself, partial to a daring bass line). It was a totally inspiring day with one of the world’s most brilliant (and nicest) bass players. Feeling very lucky, thanks to Creative Scotland for supporting this piece of work!