Single and Video Release – Billy Liar – ‘All I’ve Got’

Billy Liar

I might have mentioned how much I loved working with ‘acoustic punk troubadour’ Billy Liar in recent months?! Like a young Billy Bragg, he has no fear in singing about things as they really are, calling out the injustice in the world, painting-with-music the oddness and the beauty of our human experience. A welcome balance to the saccharine fakery of X-factor-esque pop industry…I am thankful that musicians like Billy can articulate and reflect life and society with depth and a good dose of comedy.

So, having never entered the world of acoustic punk before, I can report that it was a good experience, and here are the results, in the form of Billy’s new single ‘All I’ve Got’. Does the storyline sound familiar? Visit for more about Billy.

Enjoy the single!