Metta and the Eigg Studio

Metta on the beach

I’ve been pretty remiss with the website recently…but it’s for good reason! September was spent in (what I’m sure is) one of the most beautiful places on earth, The Isle of Eigg (Scottish Highlands), for two weeks of intensive recording at the new Eigg Studio. The studio is a really special place; a straw-bale, 100% ecofriendly build, beautiful inside and out, and overlooking the waters of the Little Minch. It was built singlehandedly by Damian Helliwell, an accomplished mandolin and banjo player, who has now put together a five piece ensemble as a vehicle for his many new-trad compositions that have been itching to get out into the world, while he’s been busy building!

It was a joy to be working with the brilliance of percussionist Donald Hay, pianist Andy Thorburn and fiddler Eilidh Shaw, and experimenting with all sorts, from A=432hz to juicing raw vegetables (and fruit), we had a fantastic, full-on, fortnight and the results will be heard on the album, due to be released in the new year. I’ll post a tune or two when they’re mixed and mastered.

Come and hear us at the Celtic Connections Festival, on the 18th January 2014, at The Arches. You can book tickets on the Celtic Connections website.