Daimh, the ‘gaelic supergroup’ – UK album release

Daimh - Tuneship

More exciting news which took place in October – the UK release of the new Daimh album, which featured a number of guest players, including myself on bass, in addition to the original 5 piece band. This was another ‘quick fire’ job, just a couple of days in the studio, putting down bass lines for what is probably the most traditional of traditional bands on the scene in Scotland. Having been at it for 15 years, this band are well known throughout the gaelic speaking world and beyond, and they continue to retain their sense of humour. Gigs are fuelled by west coast banter and stories of the band’s many adventures over the years, not to mention their excellent musicianship and deep understanding of the genre. Get a sense of what they’re about in this short film.

Seeing the full ‘big band’ line up (DaimhMOR – meaning ‘DaimhBIG’) is a rare treat (most stages aren’t big enough), but Feis Na Mara festival in Mallaig did us proud and squeezed us all on stage somehow. We had a blast!

I can highly recommend the new Daimh Album ‘Tuneship’. For a copy, go to the Daimh website.